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How to Choose the Best Treadmills

With the growing fitness awareness, the treadmill has become an integral part of not only the gyms but homes too. Before going in for the product just based on the shopkeeper’s recommendations or only on price, one should have basic understanding of it to make a correct decision. The best treadmill is that which has a good quality machine to give you long-term service without requiring major repairs and also the one which fits under your budget too.

The points which should be considered while making a decision to buy the best treadmill for walking are as follows:

Treadmill Motor

The treadmill’s motor is the most important part of the machine that decides its life and the performance. The treadmill’s motor sets the speed of your workout. For example, a motor less than 2.5 horsepower will not support the requirement of the serious types who would like to use it for longer time at a fast pace, but it would suffice for the ordinary walkers. If you try to use lesser horsepower motor for extra speed, it will be strenuous for both for the machine as well as for you and it will be a bit noisy, too.

Tread belt

i) surface and size

The surface area of the belt of the treadmill is an important factor. Generally, its width ranges from 16″ to 22″ and length varies from 45″ to 60″. It is recommended that you should consider your height and requirement while selecting a treadmill for yourself. The best treadmill for those who have long legs and want to use it for running, the belt should be 20″ broad and at least 54″ long. Narrow belts should be avoided for they give very restricted area even for walking. read more from

ii) Lubrication

The tread belt has to be smooth in use and should not be jerky and noisy. This depends upon the pre-lubrication of the belt. The best treadmill belt is one that requires nominal maintenance. Just keeping it free from dirt and dust is enough to keep it working for a long time.

iii) Incline

Incline of the belt increases walking or running surface. Incline makes the workout more calorie burning and help in muscle building. It is better if your machine has various adjustable incline options.

iv) Rollers

Rollers of the tread belt should be given adequate importance as they help the belt to run smoothly. The larger the belt the better it is.

Control and Display panel

TreadmillNearly all treadmills like best treadmill for walking have a computerized control and display panel. This panel may have various options like odometer, speedometer, heart rate, calories burned, time spent, and so on. These programmers keep the interest of the user intact and provide liberty to set the machine as per their choice. read more here!

In short, the best treadmill is that which is less noisy, provides adequate workout surface, and has a powerful motor that is smooth is running. The quality of its components and motor can be known by its warranty period. The longer the warranty, the better it is. This warranty should be given the manufacturer and not by any agency.
Have a happy workout!…

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